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Гуляющая Квартира улицы

 Адрес: Budapest, Deak Ferenc utca 21, 1052

Апартаменты расположены на улице Deak Ferenc, в центре площади Deak ter.Комнаты находятся на первом этаже в тихом здании стиля 19 века с прелестным садиком во дворе. В комнатах вам будут предоставлены большая гостиная с антикварной мебелью, кресла, имеется телефон, спутниковое телевидение, спальня с двуспальной крkоватью и шкафами, газовым отоплением. Кухня модернизирована современными кухонными машинами (духовка, микроволновая печь, холодильник, кофеварка, тостер). Если вы хотите остановиться в самом центре Будапешта, эти апартаменты для вас. Здесь находятся три линии метро. Пройдите 100 метров, и вы окажитесь на чудесной площади (Vorosmarty Ter),где вы можете попробовать вкуснейшие пирожные с кофе в известном кафе Gerbau cafe.В этом районе вы найдете огромное кол-во ночных клубов и дискотек. Цена от 36 до 60 Евро за ночь, это зависит от кол-ва ночей и человек. More ...
Все содержащие Цены в ЕВРО для целой квартиры Люди Человек
1 2 3 4
5 января - 31 МАРШ
ночи: Макс 30 (сгибает)
1 апреля - 31 МОЖЕТ
ночи: Макс 30 (сгибает)
1 июня - 31 июля
ночи: Макс 30 (сгибает)
1 августа - 31 августа
ночи: Макс 30 (сгибает)
1 сентября - 31 октября
ночи: Макс 30 (сгибает)
1 ноября - 27 декабря
ночи: Макс 30 (сгибает)
28 декабря - 04 января
ночи: Макс 30 (сгибает)

Registration information:

Following the statutory regulations regarding the registration of accommodation, we inform all our current and future guests that the type of accommodation is "private accommodation" and the registration number: MA19021872

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Гуляющая Квартира улицы

Where is the apartment? What is the locality like?

The apartment is situated in the heart of Budapest, in the popular "Fashion Street", in the pedestrian area, near to the famous walking street, called Váci Utca. The apartment is just a stone's throw away from the most popular square of Budapest, called Vorosmarty Ter. The apartment is on the 1st floor of one quiet, renowed, old building. The house was built in the the XIX. Century. The apartment is well equipped, well designed and comfortable, no doubts, it is also one of the best located apartments in Budapest!

What does the accomodation comprise of?

The flat consists of a large, very well equipped kitchen ( fridge, cooker, microwave, toaster, coffe-machine, dishes, plates, diningtable with chairs, etc...), a small hall, a nice bathroom ( bathtub, shower, sink and toilet ) and a large, well designed room with a cosy, built in, pinewood loft. There is antique furniture in the room, there are two double beds, two wardrobes, table, armchairs, Sat-Tv. The apartment has a gas heating system.

Any special features?

With the style of the furniture we wished to follow the patina of the building. The building and the apartment also has a very special athmosphere, what you can feel immediately when you enter into.

What about public transport?

The location of this apartment is the greatest advantage, please check it on the city map. At Deák Tér there is the meeting point of the three Metro lines and there are on the square many stops of buses, trams, trolleybuses and of the 24 hours public transportation as well. "Váci utca" means the center of Budapest, this is the pedestrian area of the city. After a short walk you can reach the Danube river, the Chain Bridge, the famous passage, called Dunacorso, the world famous Gerbeaud Cafe, the best local restaurants and music clubs and also the Market Hall and the Thermal baths. If you have a wish to spend money for quality clothes you can select from the most famous shops and butiques.

What facilities are there in the vicinity of the apartment?

This part of the city is the most distinguished area in Budapest with high services in every meaning. Close to the building there are: nonstop supermarket, photoshop, butiques, travel agencies, rentacar offices, Tourinform office, etc.... Walk just 50-100 meters and you have arrived to the most beautiful square of Budapest, called Vörösmarty Tér, where you can taste and enjoy the best cakes and coffee specialities in the world famous Gerbau Cafe and in the main time you can enjoy your pleasant walk up and down on the famous Vaci Utca. The Danube river and the passage, called Dunacorso is also very near. It takes just few minutes to get there from the apartment. You can get to the Opera House also by an easy walk. If you turn to the oposite direction, just 300 meters far from the apartment you reach the center of "night and music life" where can find a lot of places for fun, like a music-clubs, jazz-cellars, pubs, bars, cafes and many good restaurants, as well. The most popular pubs are Alcatraz, Portside, Old Man's Club, Szimpla Movie Garden, etc... . This area is maybe the best part of Budapest, you can get the confirmation from the people who already visited this city.

How about security?

The apartment is in one of Budapests's most distinguished, upper-middle-class areas. It's perfectly safe to stroll through the neighbourhood all night. Certainly this area is safe, moreover, this area is one of the safest parts of Budapest. The front gate of the house is always kept locked, and the apartment itself is fitted with two locks for your added security and peace of mind.

How much does it cost per night?

The price of renting the apartment is from 25 to 70 EUR per night, depending on the number of nights, the number of people staying and the season.

Please check the actual price list under the short description of the apartment.:

The price includes:

  • rental
  • taxes
  • cost of energy
  • final cleaning, weekly cleaning
  • bedclothes, towels
  • current brochures
  • help and support in anything at all, if you need it

If you are interested in this offer please contact us for full details.
Outside : +36-309-547-851

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